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The next big thing in Lithium

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There’s a new rock in town, and it’s promising to change everything we thought we knew about lithium.

It has come right at the crucial moment, when the uncertainty of production has giant electric vehicle and battery makers scrambling to secure future supply, and when even the oil and gas industry is eyeing lithium as its own lifeline in a world shifting toward lower-polluting alternatives.

The rock is pegmatite

And some pegmatite contain abundant lithium that have already been discovered in huge quantities in Ontario, Canada.

And one little-known company called Power Metals Corp. (TSXV:PWM; OTC:PWRMF) has interests in 9 huge pegmatite-rich domes and is fast-tracking its exploration…

And it’s caught the attention of some of the biggest players in the battery metals space.

Last year, it was ranked #8 on the top 10 list of TSX:V miners. This year, it’s gunning for the top slot. These domes are just one part of the whole story. To understand what really makes PWM so special we wrote an article focusing exactly on that.

Massive drilling is now under way in Ontario, where Power Metals has managed to secure money and one of the most sought-after lithium geologists in the world: The ‘queen of pegmatite’, Dr. Julie Selway.

The world’s lithium reserves are found in three types of deposits: brines, sedimentary rocks and pegmatites. And while the North American lithium rush has been largely focused on the brine, Power Metals is going for the ultimate recovery of hard-rock lithium.

Hard rock lithium can be very high grade compared to brine, but so far, it’s only been produced in South America. Power Metals is one of few companies that have centered in on potential deposits of pegmatite large enough to turn pegmatite into a North American lithium bonanza.

Those who thought that brine was the best form of low-cost lithium production will soon need to think again. Power Metals is participating in the development on a new way of lithium extraction from hard rock, which if successful aims for a market-defying all-in cost per meter of under $100.

Right now, the public is only hearing about the brine. By summer, this could be a hard-rock story, and Power Metals will be telling it.

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